Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 13, 2010

First, I picked up my Declaration of Intent from the Ottawa Elections Office. Papers will be mailed in on Monday, May 17, 2010. Today, the 15th of May, I attended an Integral Seminar on the integration of our spiritual/material world and what's love got to do with it. Now you might be asking what does that have to do with a campaign for Governor of Michigan. I believe an integrated understanding of our world is an understanding that we need to bring our political governance.

Second: The main "job" of the Governor is to oversee the State budget and oversee the legislative process and approve legislation. For a governor to do an excellent "job", he or she needs to have a broad understanding of where we have been as people and where we want to go. It takes some real wisdom to be able to integrate the many understandings and ideologies so that they can work together for the good of all. To gain that wisdom takes a real listening. Through out of my life I have believed in the process of life, listened and have learned how our many "parts" fit together. I see my role as a leader who can bring this experience to our State to move us forward together in a direction that will be good for all of us.

Third: In order to do this we need to engage in open dialogue with a open mind and use that open mind to rethink our goals that we would want to achieve.

Fourth: I hope to open an dialogue where we can look at our Republican beliefs, our Democratic goals, our Liberatiran desires and our Green necessitites that I think each of us can recognise as important parts of our governance of ourselves and our state. We need to have clear beliefs, real human goals, the freedom to live those beliefs and goals while remembering that we depend on mother earth for our very sustainability to have these lives. No longer can we depend on the views of one party or another. We need to embrace the important parts of each. We need to develop a much more wholistic way of working together.

Fifth: Instead of an adversarial stance, we need to take a serious stance towards working together. We need not take a warring stance but one of truly peaceful engagement with the courage to talk face to face to achieve the future we want for our children and grandchidren. There are so many good resources to help us move toward an effective governance, a truly efficient governance. We study and practive war. We now need to seriously study peace. Peace will not automatically happen. It needs to be studied and learned and practiced. When we can work together in a peaceful way, we can bring that peace to our home life, our work life, into ourselves. War or peace are actually attitudes which we can change within and practice without. Those attitudes are an individual choice. We choose.

Sixth: On July 25th, 2010 I will be having a Dream Peace Dance Party Potluck, hopefully in the Gun Lake Recreational Area. More details later. I will be going around the state to visit people at our many farmers markets and I am available to talk to groups and individuals who want to hear more and learn more about my views of the world.

Seventh: Peace to you for now.


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